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Root Canal Treatment

Teeth can often die and become infected as a result of trauma, decay or deep cracks. This can lead to severe toothache or an abscess. However if the tooth is still structurally strong enough to restore, our dentists can often save it with root canal treatment. Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment should not be painful. We always ensure teeth are adequately anaesthetised before carrying out treatment, however if patients present with severe toothache we sometimes have to place a soothing dressing to calm the nerve down before commencing treatment a few days later.

Treatment Options

When the nerve within a tooth dies and causes either a dull ache severe pain, or even no pain, there are one of three options:

  1. Extract (remove) the tooth, leaving a space which can later become difficult to replace

  2. Save the tooth with root canal treatment and place a crown on top to protect it

  3. (If no symptoms) postpone treatment and monitor the tooth, with or without an antibiotic prescription

What is Root Canal Treatment

The above video helps explain exactly what root canal treatment entails:-

  1. Accessing the nerve of the tooth

  2. Removal & disinfection of any infected tooth substance

  3. Shaping the root canals using progressively larger shaping instruments

  4. Filling the cleaned root canal system

  5. Placement of a final restoration, usually either a crown or onlay, though sometimes a white filling is enough